Project Essentials

  • LocationGau-Algesheim
  • ClientBischöfliches Ordinariat Mainz
  • ArchitectNiederwöhrmeier + Wiese Architekten
  • Size21,000 ft² (2,000 m²)
  • Budget€3.4 million

The property is situated in a particularly attractive location on a stream with impressive scenery. On the property itself there are beautiful, large trees that need to be preserved.

The family centre St. Nikolaus combines an expanded day-care centre and parish in a compact two-storey building made of timber. Cross laminated timber ceilings are supported by exposed cross laminated timber walls. Wherever possible, window and door openings are cut out of the wall elements to avoid beams in exposed areas. The building will have a triangular glass facade.

Most of the parish hall extends over two floors and features a ribbed ceiling made of glue laminated timber. The two-storey area of the parish hall is separated on the upper floor by an upstand parapet beam. This supports the ceiling and the roof of this area in order to allow for column-free space on the ground floor.


An arcade is planned on the south side of the building on the upper floor. The arcade is designed in light steel construction, which is connected in the roof area to a cantilevered CLT-panel via tension rods. The building project is located in an area endangered by floods, so that the basement structure is designed as a waterproof tank.