Continuing a legacy of innovation at Fast + Epp, Concept Lab is a research and development space focused on advancing structural design, discovering new ways to build, and propelling architectural imagination.

Concept Lab is located at Fast + Epp’s headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. The space provides design professionals, academia, industry associations, and innovators alike the ability to enliven their design ideas. Concept Lab provides access for Fast + Epp staff to brainstorm and develop concepts, a full shop to fabricate models, prototypes, and mock-ups, a 100,000lb loading frame for structural testing, and digital suites to develop design visualizations, software, and design tools.

Simply put, Concept Lab provides the resources needed to bring your idea from a napkin sketch to reality.

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Fast + Epp has enjoyed collaborations with many adventuresome architects over its 35-year history. This has given us the freedom to explore new ideas, conduct research and testing, and be a part of many landmark structures including the Richmond Olympic Oval, The Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre, The UBC TallWood House, and The National Arts Centre, to name a few. Concept Lab started as a collection of mobile and web applications – Member Calculator, Material Gallery, and Timber Bay Tool, which triggered an ambition to directly connect the digital and physical worlds. The construction of our new mass timber hybrid office building in Vancouver was the catalyst to take this platform to the next level.


Concept Lab occupies the entire first floor and half of the second floor of our Vancouver headquarters, while the third and fourth floors serve as the Fast + Epp engine room.

The space is divided as follows:

  • Development areas for brainstorming, collaborating, networking, and hosting events.
  • Fabrication areas featuring 3D printers, robotics, woodworking and metalworking tools and machinery.
  • Testing areas outfitted with a self-reacting structural load frame and precise instrumentation.
  • Digital areas dedicated to creating visualizations, software, and design tools alike.

Concept Lab Team

Concept Lab is led by the Fast + Epp research and development director and has a dedicated full-time manager to drive progress forward. Operationally, Concept Lab has three core teams, staffed by Fast + Epp employees. These teams are led by engineers that are driven to innovate with a wide range of project and practical experience:

  • Brandon Sullivan, Concept Lab Manager
  • Bernhard Zarnitz, Concept Lab Technician



Concept Lab is dedicated to structural engineering research, development, and innovation, making it a perfect spot for industry-related events in the design community. It is available to industry partners, architects, engineers, builders, students, academics, and entrepreneurs alike. The space is generously sized, highly connected, and offers a unique hands-on interactive environment for you to use.

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Recent R&D Projects

The following R&D projects represent our portfolio of work over the last few years. We’re excited to build on this current experience in the Concept Lab! Updates coming soon.