Understanding how your idea would be built and fabricated is often key to its success. The fabrication space of Concept Lab can be used to build prototypes, models, and test specimens, all while discovering constructability constraints and issues you often can’t find by using just a computer. Our Concept Lab fabrication team is made up of engineers with carpentry and steel fabrication backgrounds who are ready to help and experiment with you in the shop.

Wood Fabrication

With an award-winning reputation in timber structures, we are offering access to a toolkit of woodworking machinery. This includes all the typical wood-shop machinery: table saw, drill press, sanding station, bandsaw, jointer, planer, mitre saw, and a wide-assortment of hand-tools which can be used for models, prototypes, and small scale connections.

Steel Fabrication

The steel fabrication area of Concept Lab is outfitted with a high-quality MIG welder, plasma cutter, fixtures table, and an assortment of other steel fabrication tools. This is the area to visit if you need to cut, weld, shape, or form steel into a variety of shapes.

Digital Fabrication

The digital fabrication area of Concept Lab is outfitted with an Ultimaker S5 Dual Extruder Pro 3D printer for component prototyping and small-scale models. The digital fabrication space is also outfitted with a 6-axis ABB robotic arm complete with a spindle and end mill bit for machining timber and other materials on the 1.2m X 3.0m bed. These machines will be used to explore the future of construction with 3D printing and robotic technologies.

Architectural Models

The lab has all the tools architects need to build small-scale models with cardboard stock, foam, hot glue guns, a hot wire cutter, a sanding station, and more. Consider the Concept Lab as a welcoming place to build your small model.