Structural testing is often required to advance new concepts, contribute to an existing body of research, drive code change, or move an ambitious project idea forward. Our Concept Lab testing team is made up of engineers who have spent extensive time in university structures labs across the country and are committed academics. If you have a new structural system, connection, or product, we will help you put it to the test.

The Frame

The Concept Lab frame is self-reacting, complete with a 500kN servo hydraulic actuator, LVDT measurement devices, strain gauges, a full digital interface, various fixings/grips, and a state-of-the-art controller system. The frame has been designed for maximum flexibility for many different testing scenarios. The intent of the frame in Concept Lab is for early prototyping of structural ideas before full-scale testing.

In-situ Vibration Testing

Our structural design work with buildings has led to a deep understanding of floor vibrations. Human and mechanical-induced vibrations can be a real nuisance issue for older structures. Our Concept Lab testing team can come in with accelerometers and testing equipment to monitor and gain a better understanding of your structure’s vibration performance. Our team can develop reports and suggest mitigation strategies to eliminate this issue in your building.

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) involves the observation and data analysis of structural systems over time, using measurements from monitors and sensors embedded in buildings and bridges. The Concept Lab testing team can help set up these monitors, analyse the data, and develop reports for clients. This provides a clear picture on the health of the asset. There will be a strong emphasis on SHM for mass timber buildings in the next few decades as the mass timber wave makes its way across North America. Our Concept Lab testing team is here to assist.