Who We Are

Engineers, thinkers, designers, creators.

Fast + Epp is an internationally recognized structural engineering firm with a team who prioritizes creativity and simplicity. Our proud history spans over three decades, with successfully completed work of all types and scales. We enjoy work with a high premium on structural expression; all challenges new and old are welcome.

What We Do

Our firm has been involved with an extensive variety of public and private projects around the globe. Whether residential, commercial, institutional, or transit projects – all attest to our commitment to clever, practical design, and a meticulous attention to detail.

At 65+ employees, we have a diverse set of skills with experience in all primary structural materials. We have become adept at combining materials to create unique structures and strive to add value whenever possible by taking a holistic approach to problem solving. We believe a successful project is one where the structural form enhances the primary function.

Purpose + Values

At Fast + Epp, we strive to manifest our core purpose and values in all we do.

Our Core Purpose

“To improve people’s lives through practical, holistic structural design.”

Our Core Values:

Be curious; challenge convention.
Be humble; collaborate with respect.
Be honest; act with integrity.
Be exceptional; provide outstanding service.

Our Design Approach

Working from a blank sheet of paper, we begin most projects by asking questions and by listening to our clients. Our solutions most often emerge from specific project constraints – sustainable design objectives, function, budget, aesthetics, and a harmonizing of all other disciplines.

We do not work to the exclusion of any material, method, or team. Our priorities are to the client, the team, the environment, and its people. We help create a safer, more efficient and more sustainable construction industry by designing structures that are easy, fast and economical to build.

Where We Work

We first opened the doors of our consultancy in Vancouver, Canada in 1985, and this vibrant city continues to be home for our head office. Since then, we’ve expanded across North America to New York, Seattle, Edmonton, and Calgary while maintaining a strong presence in Europe through our German office, established in 2010.


Having gained experience from two prominent Vancouver structural firms after university, Paul Fast hung his own shingle at the ambitious age of 28. His work on landmark projects for EXPO ’86 with Bogue Babicki charted the course for his fledgling company, along with a strong spirit of adventure and creativity.

Two years later, Gerald Epp (a fellow classmate from the University of British Columbia’s 1980 graduating class), left his position at Geiger Associates to join Paul in this new endeavor. What followed was a decades-long partnership between two engineers, both dedicated to the design of unique structural forms.

From 1987 to 2014, Paul Fast and Gerald Epp worked together to expand the firm and enjoyed many years of well-rooted and steady growth. In 1998, Gerald Epp spearheaded a design-build company, StructureCraft, bringing many of Fast + Epp’s ambitious timber projects to fruition. In 2014, Gerald turned his full attention to StructureCraft as President, while Paul remained at Fast + Epp as a Founding Partner.

In an effort to cross-pollinate with the best of Europe’s cutting-edge technologies, Fast + Epp opened a branch office in Darmstadt, Germany in 2010, which has gained a solid reputation in the European market. Just two years later, a branch office was established in Edmonton, Alberta. Then, in 2016, US branch offices were opened in New York, NY and Seattle, WA to better serve our flourishing project bases. In 2018, an office in Calgary was opened to better cater to our Alberta-based clients.