Structural Design – Start to Finish

We are highly proficient at providing complete structural design services – from start to finish – for a variety of project types including buildings, bridges, free-standing structures, temporary works, and installations, to name a few. We are actively engaged at every step to ensure a beautiful, durable design.

We work closely with the design team to establish the most efficient system to meet the client’s project goals and achieve the desired architectural expression. We’ll provide detailed structural design drawings and specifications of all structural components to meet the requirements of the local building codes and material standards – which can then be used for permits, tender, and construction. Lastly, we’ll ensure the project is built smoothly in accordance with our design by way of clear communication, collaboration, and attention to detail in the field.

Specialty Design

Be it an undulating long-span arena roof, a small canopy with a unique structural expression, or a custom timber connection, we are ready to help through our specialty design services offering. This service is tailor fit to your project’s needs and typically encompasses the design of structural components that are part of a larger overall project.

Concept Design

As engineers with strong creative impulses, we enjoy applying our talents during the conceptual design phases to assist existing teams in achieving their vision for unique builds on large-scale work. We start by understanding the project’s constraints and the desired design aesthetic. We then provide multiple structural concepts using sketches, markups, and renderings. This service can bolster the confidence of the design team, proving the scheme they’ve created is structurally feasible.

Indicative Design

With design-build or P3 procurement models, there is typically an indicative design process to help define the project for the future proponents. Similar to conceptual design, we start by understanding the projects constraints and desired design aesthetic. We work with the indicative consultant team to provide thorough schematic design drawings and specification packages. We often maintain involvement as the owner’s structural representative throughout the main design and construction phases of the project.

Assessments and Studies

Buildings can deteriorate but their base structures are often salvageable. We can help clarify the potential project scope, budget, and extent of remedial work for renovation projects through our building assessment reports. We can also provide structural feasibility studies and offer peer review services upon request.