Building Design

Building design is the heart of our business and a key opportunity to apply fresh thinking to every project – small or tall. Fast + Epp has been privileged to collaborate with many adventuresome architects; with their support (and the triumphs of engineering greats who have gone before us), we have been able to continually push the boundaries of design. These opportunities have challenged us to adapt our creative approach on a regular basis, learning and improving with each new project. When it comes to building design, we strive to be revolutionaries in our field when necessary, as well as purveyors of the tried, tested, and true.

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Whether the pure expression of a delicate pedestrian bridge or the sweeping elegance of a transit station roof, Fast + Epp’s innovative approach has yielded an extensive portfolio of striking transportation structures the world over. Transportation projects typically feature exposed structure more prominently, thus each application offers an exciting opportunity to address unique constraints with efficiency and sophistication. We appreciate these projects tend to be schedule- or cost-sensitive; as such, we have developed methods to ensure our structural work is completed on time and on budget, with minimal impact on existing traffic routes and surrounding businesses.

Portfolio Examples

Transit Stations & Shelters   Pedestrian Bridge

Mass Timber

Complemented by contemporary versions such as cross-laminated, glued-laminated, and dowel- or nail-laminated timber, mass timber has once again found its way back into the material toolbox. Our engineers have been experts in the field of mass timber for more than 20 years, designing multiple world-class projects with wood as the primary structural material on record-breaking scales. Yet this building technology is by no means new; in Canada, mass timber construction can be found in century-old warehouse construction, while applications in Europe and Asia are more diverse and far older. Fast + Epp has lead the charge to reinvent mass timber construction projects, and in doing so, create structurally efficient, sustainably sourced, and architecturally striking structures.

Custom Homes

Custom homes provide opportunities for the architect, engineer, and owner to explore creative design ideas on an intimate scale. We take delight in the opportunity to contribute to what is often a family home – through expressed structure, a sensitive mix of materials, stringent sustainability and programming requirements, or simply a finely detailed staircase. Fast + Epp has extensive experience in custom home design and thrives on the detail-oriented nature of this building type.

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Seismic Upgrade

Having witnessed the devastation of earthquakes abroad, the recent demand for seismic upgrade projects for infrastructure and buildings on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire” has grown exponentially. Along North America’s west coast, for example, many 1900s-era structures are undergoing seismic upgrades to mitigate the risks associated with these catastrophic events. Our firm is uniquely positioned to contribute to such projects – we have extensive seismic design experience, along with specially trained staff who are well-versed in the application of British Columbia seismic retrofit and Applied Technology Council seismic evaluations guidelines.

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With the negative impacts of climate change growing daily, we recognize our need – as structural engineers and global citizens – to prioritize sustainability in our building practices and workplaces. We champion economical design, prefabrication, on-site construction efficiency, and the inclusion of renewable resources, locally-sourced products, and recycled materials on all our projects. Our extensive experience with projects designed to Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED), Living Building Challenge (LBC), Net Zero Energy (NZE) and PassivHaus standards attest to our efforts to lessen and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

Building Physics

The building physics requirements for new buildings and existing buildings are constantly increasing and must be integrated into the building planning: heat and moisture protection, protection against noise from external areas, and optimal room acoustic qualities are just a few examples.The interaction between buildings, users and the environment must be considered with a focus on the comfort and well-being of people. In order to meet these requirements optimally and economically, Fast + Epp develops building physics concepts and implements them in the planning stages in cooperation and in dialogue with the client, the architects, and the specialist engineers for building services.