Project Essentials

  • LocationStockstadt am Rhein
  • ClientGemeinde Stockstadt am Rhein
  • ArchitectARGE Fiegle + Jahnke
  • Size17,000 ft² (1,600 m²)
  • Budget €1,1 million netto, Kgr. 300 + 400

The “Alte Hofreite” is an old farmhouse with a yard in the middle of Stockstadt am Rhein – an attractive town centre and an efficient administrative location. The entire site, which includes the existing buildings, is under heritage protection.

The assembly consists of the old school from 1841 and the “Alte Hofreite”, a half-timbered house from 1907, protected as a historic monument, which was already renovated in 2005. An angular new building with office, meeting and foyer areas adjoins the half-timbered house and integrates the former school building. In the middle is a three-sided enclosed town hall courtyard.

The two-storey new building is planned in contrast to the rather massive old buildings as a transparent and efficient skeleton building that interlocks with the existing buildings. The construction consists of prestressed hollow concrete floor elements, which rest on Deltabeam® composite beams and are supported by glue laminated timber supports.

The building will have a glass facade with timber mullions. The reinforced concrete basement will contain the future archives. The old school, a two-storey solid building with a timber roof truss, is being renovated and the room layout adapted to the needs of a modern administration.