Fast + Epp projects recognized in Governor General’s Medals in Architecture

May 5, 2020

The South Haven Centre for Remembrance in Edmonton, AB, and Polygon Gallery in Vancouver, BC have been recognized in the 2020 Governor General’s Medals in Architecture.

In collaboration with SHAPE Architecture, PETCHET Studio, and Group 2 Architects, Fast + Epp provided a timber and steel framed structure to accommodate the complex project geometry and the limited budget for South Haven Centre for Remembrance. The building features a 13 metre tall steel framed tower that acts as a beacon for the site, also allowing filtered light to illuminate the spaces below. The attached works yard structure was carefully integrated to the building profile and into the landscape.

Working with Patkau Architects, Fast + Epp provided a steel and concrete design for the Polygon Gallery. The gallery features extensive glazing, offering a panoramic view of the city skyline. The lower level includes a cafeteria, tenant spaces, and gallery space within the lobby, while the upper level projects up to 35 feet beyond the building footprint, containing gallery space, a dining area, and exterior decks. Topping off the upper level is a distinctive saw-tooth, jagged roof.

The Governor General’s Medals in Architecture recognizes and celebrates excellence in recently built—and designed-projects by Canadian architects understanding of the nature of Canadian architecture and the regional, cultural, and historic forces expressed in the built environment.

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