Below-grade works nearly finished at Fast + Epp’s new Home Office

April 9, 2020

The below-grade works at Fast + Epp’s new Yukon St. head office are nearly finished, including excavation, retaining walls, elevator pits, and the parkade. The formwork, reinforcing, and trade installations on site continue.

The slab shoring material and setup of frames have recently started as well. In the coming weeks, the slab shoring will be set up, along with the continuation of the north wall formwork.

Meanwhile, cross-laminated panels and glulam beams for a mass timber floor system have been delivered and stored off site in Langley, and our team has started evaluations for its vibration performance. The floors consist of 3-ply cross-laminated timber panels with concrete topping spanning across glulam beams. A mock-up of the clear span floor system is built for testing to understand the vibration behaviour predicted during the design phase of the building. This study explores the effect of the panel-to-beam connections and the level of composite action on the overall vibration performance of the floor.

Erection of the new superstructure is anticipated to start soon and, with our pre-fabricated components, achieve an expedited installation on site.

Learn more about our new Home Office.

See photos of vibrations testing and below-grade works in action: