Located on a sloped and wooded site in Whistler, the White Lodge was designed and built as a comfortable and inviting family gathering space and private retreat. It offers its owners a place of reprieve; to slow down, share meals, play board games, and reconnect with themselves and each other.

Project Essentials

  • LocationWhistler, BC
  • ArchitectMeasured Architecture
  • Size2,800 ft² (260 m²)

This custom home offers four bedrooms over two storeys, and a garage. The building is tucked into the hillside, with the garage cutting directly into the bedrock. This creates both a seamless blend into the surrounding landscape as well as a platform for the upper level, which also serves to provide overhang protection for the garage and driveway in a practical manner.

The structural system consists of an economical combination of a light wood frame and heavy timber and steel components over a concrete base. Select steel and heavy timber elements were exposed to contribute to the aesthetic. The flat rooftop is designed to hold snow, which provides additional insulation for the building. And the exterior use of black metal cladding and exposed concrete creates a maintenance-free envelope for the structure.

The White Lodge was also built with evolution and longevity in mind. The spaces within were envisioned to accommodate a variety of purposes that can be flexibly repurposed, as the family’s young children grow into teenagers over time.