With over 40,000 visitors annually, and anticipating another 210,000 each year, the University of Alberta Botanic Garden (UABG) is a popular destination for locals, botanists, and tourists alike to enjoy the natural beauty and splendor of the garden spaces year-round. In preparation for its future visitor growth, the UABG underwent an expansion to improve its existing facilities, to better accommodate guests and provide additional spaces for special events and activities.

Project Essentials

  • LocationDevon, AB
  • ClientUniversity of Alberta
  • ArchitectReimagine Architects Ltd.
  • Size2,260 ft² (210 m²)
  • BudgetCAD $2.1 million

One of the key expansion areas was the new Main Entry Pavilion. The pavilion provides spaces for ticketing, displays, concessions, washrooms and a large covered outdoor gathering space. The building also includes a glazed entranceway and a spacious interior, providing visitors with a comfortable and inviting space to gather and prepare for their visit to the garden.

A striking roof that was inspired by nature and emulates the appearance of a leaf/petal covers the indoor and outdoor spaces. The roof is made of mass timber and is supported by a series of steel columns, giving the structure a dynamic and organic feel. Glued-laminated timber panels are supported by a series of radial glued-laminated beams to best accommodate the complex geometry.