As mass timber has experienced rising popularity in recent years, simple and economical systems, such as nail-laminated timber (NLT), have seen a resurgence in popularity. NLT offers an economical approach that has been present in North American building codes for decades. It does not require a unique manufacturing facility and it can be fabricated with local dimension lumber across sectors, building types, and project locations.

Project Essentials

In collaboration with a team of experts including Perkins + Will, RDH Building Science Inc., Seagate Structures Ltd., Holmes Fire, and GHL Consultants Ltd., this design guide was written for practical applications. The team’s extensive experience using NLT in real projects provides a comprehensive review of the design, detailing, and implementation of this material through the construction and design life of a project.

Alongside Perkins + Will, Fast + Epp edited the design guide to ensure concise and direct guidance to allow designers, contractors, and developers to make informed choices and achieve success on their projects. Both US and Canadian versions have been created to address the code specific requirements in each respective country.

To learn more, download the industry NLT Design and Construction Guide (Canada and US).