As school boards, such as the Vancouver School Board, have identified a need for larger three- and four-storey schools, Wood WORKS! BC reached out to Fast + Epp to help develop guidance for the design and construction of taller timber schools. Wood construction offers a sustainable and cost-effective option but require research outlining how building code requirements can be met, or if alternate solutions can be provided.

Project Essentials

In collaboration with Thinkspace Architecture and Interior Design, Fast + Epp developed this technical report with an open audience in mind, ranging from school board project managers to designers. Fast + Epp’s extensive experience in both school design and wood design facilitated the broad-reaching study, which includes a range of wood construction options, including both light wood-frame and mass timber.

Cost comparisons and life-cycle analyses are also underway and are expected for publication in 2020.

To learn more, download the technical report and associated template alternate solution.