To support the associated elementary school projects in pushing the boundaries forward for wood construction in seismic zones, this testing project aims to establish the seismic behaviour of two-storey continuous cross-laminated (CLT) timber shear walls in comparison to typical single-storey CLT shear walls and ensure they are able to provide necessary ductility in a seismic event.

Project Essentials

  • PartnerThomas Tannert, University of Northern British Columbia
  • TypeTesting Program
  • ProjectsSir Matthew Begbie Elementary School, Bayview Elementary School

Working with the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Fast + Epp aimed to complete a series of monotonic and reversed cyclic tests on CLT shear walls. The test setup was developed to determine the behaviour of these types of shear walls for the project specific application, as well as provide a basis to further develop this type of system for the engineering community.

The multi-storey continuous CLT panel shear walls will allow for more efficient and cost-effective construction – reducing construction time, material handling, and the number of connectors required. The lab testing of these shear walls is complete, with data analysis underway.

Research Papers

  • Seismic Behavior of Balloon Frame CLT Shear Walls with Different Ledgers – Read more
  • Effects of Ground Motion Duration on the Seismic Performance of a Two-Storey Balloon-Type CLT Building – Read more
  • Seismic Performance and Collapse Fragility of Balloon Framed CLT School Building – Read more
  • Experimental Investigations On Balloon Frame CLT Shearwalls – Read more
  • Seismic Assessment of Balloon-framed CLT School Building – Read more

Watch the testing video: