To support the associated 2150 Keith Drive project in pushing the boundaries forward for tall wood construction in seismic zones, this testing project aims to establish the rotational capacity of the project specific Megant concealed beam hanger to ensure that these gravity connections are able to withstand the movement this type of building would experience in a seismic event.

Project Essentials

  • LocationKingston, ON
  • PartnerColin MacDougall, Queen's University
  • TypeTesting Program
  • FundingGreen Construction through Wood (GCWood) Program for Tall Wood Demonstration Buildings
  • Project2150 Keith Drive

Working with Queen’s University, Fast + Epp aimed to complete a series of cyclic tests on the beam hanger connection. A modified version of the to-scale connection was fabricated for testing in a specially designed testing apparatus which applies rotation to the connection as well as an equivalent gravity load.

This physical testing was completed in August 2019 with the follow-up data analysis demonstrated that these hangers meet or exceed the necessary movement in a seismic event and help provide a first step for taller timber buildings in seismic areas.

Watch the testing video below:



Photos and video courtesy of Gabriella Vojtila.