Project Essentials

  • LocationBurnaby, BC
  • ClientGrosvenor Americas
  • ArchitectPerkins&Will
  • Size2,000,000 ft² (185,806 m²)
  • Sustainable FeaturesTargets LEED Gold

The Grosvenor Brentwood Block project offers residential and commercial units surrounded by parks, gardens, courtyards, and plazas in an entirely pedestrian above-ground setting. This mixed-use development will be the latest addition to Metro Vancouver’s lively, transit-oriented Brentwood area and will provide 3,500 new homes, including 2,000 market rentals and 450 below-market rentals.

Separated into smaller segments and surrounded by greenery, the 7.9-acre block features low, mid and high-rise buildings placed carefully around open spaces accessible to the public. The complex build features 7 storeys of underground parking, a site which slopes 20m from one corner to the other, extensive podium areas and towers ranging from 43 to 65 floors. The entire structure will be built with reinforced concrete. The towers have slender core aspect ratios with rooftop dampers to mitigate wind-induced accelerations.  By utilizing facade materials such as concrete, glass, and metal, the towers give off a clean, sleek feel while perfectly complementing the surrounding skyline.

To reduce its overall environmental impact, the complex incorporates green roofs and a rainwater collection system into its design. And, because sustainability is a top priority for the city of Burnaby, each building will be built using low-carbon, healthy, and long-lasting materials. Overall, the Brentwood Block project is expected to have a significant impact on the area and even be considered a landmark in Burnaby, bringing economic opportunities, new demographics, and a safe space for people to connect and thrive.