Project Essentials

  • LocationSteinbach, Taunus
  • Architectee concept GmbH
  • Size3,700 ft² (350 m²)
  • Budget€0.5 million

The house in Steinbach surprises not only with the reinterpretation of a classic design. The orientation towards sunlight also characterizes the residential house on the edge of a new development area. In addition to the high standards of living quality and design, it also meets the requirements of the passive house standard.

In close cooperation with the building owners, all building materials used were subjected to an ecological assessment. Thanks to the consistent implementation of an innovative energy concept, the house produces more energy in the course of a year than is consumed in the same period.  An efficient interaction: airtight and thermal bridge-free building envelope, regenerative energy sources such as geothermal energy, a highly efficient heat recovery process, optimized by preheating the fresh air in a ground channel, roof-integrated photo-voltaic system.

A timber frame construction in passive house construction was chosen as the structure. The interior gallery, which spans the entire width of the house of around 10 m in length, is made possible by a parapet upstand beam which supports the ceiling beams and at the same time serves as a fall protection. The large glulam beam above the opening in the south facade allows a column-free window construction and high solar gains.

The resulting spatial structure guarantees the very high flexibility of use of the main living spaces and allows visual relations across all three living levels. A loam wall and several heavy gypsum fibre boards provide an improved living climate.