This 6,000 square-foot private residence conveys a contemporary design while still respecting the Chinese traditions and principles. Surrounded by a panoramic landscape, the building features a quiet simplicity of exposed structure including concrete, wood, steel, and glass with an expressive stressed-skin plywood floating roof structure.

Project Essentials

  • LocationVancouver, BC
  • ArchitectRevery Architecture (Bing Thom Architects)
  • Size6,000 ft² (560 m²)
Acadia Residence ft steel glass bridge and stairs - Fast + Epp; Photo by Nic Lehoux

The integration of nature and natural lighting are focal points in the architectural philosophy of this three-level home. The main floor and upper floor overlook the expansive koi pond and gardens.  A 14’ wide light well sits at the rear elevation of the lower level of the home, providing views into the lower garden courtyard and providing generous amounts of natural light to the basement level.

The three floors are seamlessly connected by the series of cantilevered stairs, a three storey glazed wall, and a glass and steel bridge – maintaining a consistent flow and aesthetics throughout the home. While prioritizing safety, Fast + Epp explored the combination of using laminated heat-strengthened glass guards, steel handrails and neoprene rubber to achieve the transparent design of the bridge.

In addition to a unique structure of the home, the final plan and build of the glass bridge exceeded the client’s original expectations and became a significant element in the overall design of the residence.

Acadia Residence ft glazing wall and cantilevered stairs - Fast + Epp; Photo by Nic Lehoux
Acadia Residence - Stressed-Skin Roof Structure - Fast + Epp