Ian Boyle presents at Thriving Forests & Regenerative Built Environments

September 13, 2022

Join Fast + Epp Principal, Ian Boyle, at the upcoming ‘Thriving Forests & Regenerative Built Environments’ virtual conference. The dialogue will be built around a series of six themed panel forums and the conversation will be rooted in a growing web of understanding that thriving forests are vital to the climate, biosphere, and ethnosphere.

As a conversation leader, Ian will present on ‘Building with Less’ and will be discussing how to build with a reduction of materials, and lower embodied carbon and costs through holistic design. Ian has been recognized for his unconventional use of timber and has emerged as a leader in architecturally exposed timber structures, often pushing the design envelope to create hybrids of timber, concrete, and steel.

This event is being developed in partnership between the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and Pilot Projects Design Collective (Wood at Work). Register to attend on September 14-15 here.