Ian Boyle

Ian is a fundamental member of our leadership team – he has been a Principal since 2015, having demonstrated a wholehearted commitment to Fast + Epp’s design approach and company values.

Since joining our firm in 2002, Ian has been involved with numerous significant projects around the world. His efficient leadership, willingness to listen, and ability to respond with innovative design solutions are key markers of his strength as an engineer.

Ian has a hand in business development as part of our ongoing vision to build relationships with architects and builders within Canada and the US. He is a frequent guest speaker at universities, conferences and other venues throughout the United States and Canada.

He also led the development of CONCEPT – our firm’s free iPhone app – allowing architects to explore the feasibility of various material and hybrid structural options in the beginning stages of concept design.

Ian graduated with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering with Structural Emphasis from the University of Utah in 2000. Prior to joining Fast + Epp, he worked for Greene Structural Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah.