Winners of 2020 UBC Arch/Eng Competition Selected

January 19, 2021

Every year, Fast + Epp challenges UBC architecture and engineering students to collaborate on a design challenge. This year’s challenge was to design an outdoor cinema by Jericho Beach. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to socialize outside, but a lot of the movie theaters and concert halls are either closed or too confined with full enclosure, which poses a risk of the virus outbreaks.

The constraints behind this challenge were:

+ Full natural ventilation is required
+ Heating is required (theater must be able to operate all year round)
+ Seats must be protected from the rain at a 45 degree angle
+ The noise of the rain should be considered
+ Internal columns are allowed
+ Screen: Min. 3m high x 6m long

The six-member jury – which included William Loasby (Fast + Epp), Steve Jeon (Fast + Epp),Tobias Fast (Fast + Epp), Derek Ratzlaff (Fast + Epp), Adrien Pratlong (Perkins + Will), David Dove (Perkins + Will) – selected three winning projects from nearly 23 submissions.

The winner and runner ups for this year’s competition are:

1st Place: Team D – John Benner, Guillermo Bourget-Morales, Jenny Lee, Caroline Pfister, Ashmeet Singh

2nd Place: Team I – Peter Ehrlich, Jedrik Mangahis, Homa Samiezadeh, Luis Marchese del Valle, Alex Willms

3rd Place: Team R – Jon Ackerly, Massimo Pecoraro, Patrick Mella, Chloe Sirges, Darci Nesbitt

Winner – Team D 

“The judges were very impressed with the creation of a theatre space which preserves the continuity and public use of the existing landscape. The roof emerges from the ground to create an open, expansive volume with a bold structural expression in the diagrid and supporting braces. The descent of the seating into the ground gives a sense of enclosure and location without compromising the open connection with the surrounding terrain.”

2nd Place – Team I

“The design named “The Light House” is an exquisite use of simple, straight, repeating structural lines to create a structure that is elegant but not imposing, captivating but not distracting. The judges admired the achievement of beauty through a simple approach with a light footprint on the existing site.”

3rd Place – Team R

“The design named “The Lantern” is articulated in a rhythm of repeating structural frames approaching and focusing on the theatre screen. The judges were impressed by the light-weight structural solutions developed to enable a floating structure and by the development of both day and night programming options.”

The competition was open to all students registered at UBC, and winners will be rewarded with a cash prize. See full competition guidelines here.