Jochen Stahl delivers lecture on mass timber construction at Holzbau-Offensive

December 16, 2020

Under the theme “Building on Wood”, the Holzbau-Offensive is hosting an online event at which Dr.-Ing. Jochen Stahl is giving a lecture on innovative timber construction.

In cooperation with the German Ministry for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection, the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Engineers from Baden-W├╝rttemberg have launched a “Building on Wood” education campaign. The project showcases effective measures and targeted strategies for the sustainable development of the construction sector. In this way, the state government is promoting climate-friendly construction with wood.

In his presentation, Dr. Jochen Stahl discussed the advantages and challenges of building with wood. He used striking examples from Fast + Epp’s wealth of experience, such as the Brock Commons Tallwood House on the University of British Columbia campus, to illustrate how innovative and effective the use of wood is – especially when you simplify the design as much as possible and dare to break with existing conventions.