Design Options for Three- and Four-Storey Wood Buildings in BC - Rendering

Design Options for Three-and Four-Storey Wood School Buildings in BC

December 18, 2019

The demand for larger three- and four-storey school buildings continues to grow, and while mass timber construction is a feasible cost-effective option to address this need, building code limitations only allow for timber schools to be at a maximum of two storeys as well as within a certain overall floor area. Despite these constraints, it is essential to explore viable solutions and evaluate timber construction approaches for school buildings in BC to meet the rising demand.

Under the direction of WoodWorks! BC, Nick Bevilacqua, Associate Principal at Fast + Epp, has collaborated with Thinkspace to prepare a report titled “Design Options for Three-and Four-Storey Wood School Buildings in BC” with GHL Consultants Ltd. preparing a companion report titled “Risk Analysis and Alternative Solution for 3- and 4-Storey Schools.” The hope with these reports is to inspire and provide possibilities for school boards to use wood construction approaches for taller school buildings in urban areas.

Download the two reports from WoodWorks! BC here.