Nick Bevilacqua and Ray Wolfe at Wood Solutions Conference - Fast + Epp

Nick Bevilacqua speaks at Wood Solutions Conference

October 24, 2019

Join Nick Bevilacqua from our Vancouver office, alongside Ray Wolfe from Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design, for their presentation entitled “Design Options for Three- and Four-Storey Wood Buildings in British Columbia” at the Wood Solutions Conference.

While timber construction is a viable option for the increasing demand for three and four-storey school building projects across British Columbia due to the rising land values, building codes limiting timber schools to a maximum of two storeys as well as overall floor area limitations are major constraints. In this presentation, Nick and Ray explore possible timber construction approaches for school buildings up to four storeys in height within a seismic region.

The Wood Solutions Conference takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre – East in Vancouver, BC on November 5, 2019. See the full WSC presentation outline here.