Iconic 3 Civic Plaza Nearing Completion


MultiHalleGridshellThe topping off ceremony for 3 Civic Plaza in Surrey was held on Friday, June 16, 2017. Regarded as the third tallest building in Vancouver, its novel design departs from a conventional core approach. Visually locating expressive shear walls at the ends of the structure enables more flexibility for optimal suite layouts.


The building comprises of 5-storeys of office space and 38-storeys of residential units which are nearly sold out. Also included is retail space and a 20-storey hotel with 2 amenity floors. Kwantlen Polytechnic University will occupy 5-storeys within the building. Construction of the landmark building is scheduled for completion in December 2017.

Nail-Laminated Timber Design and Construction Guide now available

MultiHalleGridshellThe NLT US Design and Construction Guide was developed by a group of specialists, including engineers from Fast + Epp to encourage and assist with the use of timber in the construction community.  Available now, the guide provides direction to ensure safe and economical use of NLT in a project.  Illustrated and graphic references of real-life applications are included to provide visual aid and inspiration.  Available as a free download at reThinkWood.com.

Mannheim Multihalle at the congress of the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology

MultiHalleGridshellDr. Jochen Stahl presented the renovation concept for the preservation of the more than 40-year-old structure at the congress of the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology in Stuttgart, Germany. The building constructed on the occasion of the German National Garden Show in 1975 became a landmark of the City of Mannheim. With the concept of Fast + Epp the original substance can be largely preserved for a new usage. Also another lecture of this technical meeting focused on the German National Garden Show in 2019 in Heilbronn and its sustainable urban development.

Transportation sector projects featuring timber showcased in Bauen mit Holz

multihalleBauen mit Holz is a reputable trade journal based in Germany and featured in their March 2017 edition is an insightful article about the use of wood in transportation projects. Authored by Paul Fast, Jochen Stahl and Christian Rosenkranz of Fast + Epp, the article describes the current resurgence of utilizing timber in the transportation sector. The article mainly features transportation projects built in the last 15 years in Greater Vancouver. Particular attention is paid to the innovative ways wood can be used to achieve striking structures.

Structural Engineering Services awarded to Fast + Epp for the extension of the ZFMK in Bonn

multihalleThe Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK) as Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity is an independent research institute and one of the largest natural-history-research museums in Germany. The ZFMK is planning an extension to the existing museum in order to provide space for the Centre for Molecular Biodiversity Research, a library, the Research Archive for the History of Biology as well as a fish collection. We look forward to an integral planning process as well as collaborating with ZFMK and the entire planning team.

Fast + Epp joins association for restoration of Mannheim Gridshell


multihalleThe city of Mannheim, Germany, has created an association to raise funds for the preservation of a unique structure: the Multihalle Gridshell. Designed by Pritzker prize winner Frei Otto in 1974, the timber lattice roof structure, comprising of wooden slats spaced every 50 centimeters, forms the world’s largest self-supporting timber gridshell. As early as 2015, a working group led by Fast + Epp presented a concept for the restoration that would turn the temporary structure into a permanent building. A long-time supporter of the preservation of this cultural monument, Fast + Epp forms a part of the association, furthering our commitment to the preservation of the Gridshell.

“I admire the pioneer Frei Otto. It was only through the artful combination of structure and architecture that it was possible to develop such an unusual filigree structure. Our preserving the Multihalle will shine a light on Frei Otto to be honoured as an architect of his time”, Dr. Jochen Stahl explaining the commitment of Fast + Epp to this project.

For more information about the Multihalle e.V. association or to become a member, visit the website http://www.mannheim-multihalle.de/

Fast + Epp provides support for the future use of the Mannheim Multihalle

MannheimImageThe City of Mannheim is currently raising funds for the restoration of the world-renowned Multihalle that was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Frei Otto. In order to brainstorm ideas for the future of this structure, the city and chamber of architects in Baden-Wuerttemberg invited international professionals to a workshop which took place over 2 days in early March 2017. Experts in landscaping, architecture, cultural and creative industries, engineering and event management came together to discuss concepts for viable uses for the Multihalle.

Mosaic Centre honored at Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards

1s creditSPThe Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce was recognized with the Award of Merit at the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards this past Friday. The gala which took place on February 24 in Edmonton is an annual awards gala that honors excellence in engineering not only in Alberta but throughout the world. The mass timber building was completed in collaboration with Manasc Isaac Architects and is a true testament to sustainability; it targets Net Zero Energy, LEED Platinum, and Living Building Challenge certification.

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