In 2016, Viega LLC made the strategic decision to relocate its North American headquarters to Broomfield, Colorado and the company quickly embarked on an ambitious construction project to create a cutting-edge headquarters and Seminar Center. The result was the unveiling of an impressive campus facility in 2019, boasting 55,000 square feet of space dedicated to home offices as well as a 24,000 square foot Seminar Centre. Our team was initially brought on board to report on how European-supplied CLT could be used in this US project and we were then hired to provide specialty engineering services and connection design.

Project Essentials

  • LocationBroomfield, CO
  • ClientViega LLC
  • ArchitectOZ Architecture
  • Size169,994 ft² (15,793 m²)
  • BudgetUSD $35 million

Inspired by Viega’s own pipe fitting products, the design of their new headquarters showcases a captivating architectural concept and comprises a timber brace and shearwall lateral system. The building features a sweeping curved roof that gracefully encompasses three storeys of office space. There is very little steel in the airy three-story building, which is built of cross-laminated timber beams and the exposed ceiling gives employees a clear view of many of Viega’s innovative technologies. Breaks in the roof design allow for expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the interior with natural light and providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the breathtaking Flatirons, Long’s Peak, and the Front Range.

The Seminar Center within the facility is equally remarkable, featuring four spacious classrooms and two workshops designed to facilitate comprehensive training sessions. Additionally, the lobby houses an Interactive Learning Center equipped with state-of-the-art technology, creating an engaging and immersive learning environment.

At the heart of the campus, an outdoor courtyard serves as a central focal point. With a forward-thinking approach, the design also takes into consideration the company’s future growth. The flexible layout and thoughtful planning allow for easy expansion, ensuring that the headquarters can accommodate Viega’s evolving needs as they continue to thrive and develop.