Project Essentials

  • LocationVancouver, BC
  • ClientUBC Properties Trust
  • ArchitectPublic Design and Communication

As the University of British Columbia spearheads building initiatives to improve student life and reimagine the campus as a welcoming public space, it pioneered small but integral design interventions along University Boulevard: two transit shelters, providing shelter for a trolley-bus loop at the heart of campus.

After a series of  pattern explorations, structural analysis and fabrication scenarios, the design team came up with the pentagon form, rotated and flipped along its edges. The modular approach allowed for ease of fabrication and visual interest.


  • Canadian Wood Council

    2013 Wood Design & Building Award


In order to keep the shelters light and streamlined, and to give the canopy its “floating” effect, Fast + Epp ensured structural elements take on multiple tasks. Columns act as rainwater leaders, precast ductile benches support steel map cases – and both fit between the spacing of the columns to provide a windbreak. We also developed a self-tapping screw system, since it would have likely proved prohibitive to drill 12,000 screws directly into the steel plates in order to create the moment connection and eliminate the potential for deflection or buckling.

Built primarily of glass, steel and wood, the structures are a delightful visual extension of the university’s Katsura trees, and have transformed the area into an inviting public space for commuters.