Project Essentials

  • LocationNelson, BC
  • ClientSpearhead
  • ArchitectCover Architectural Collaborative Inc
  • Size 14,000 ft² (1,301 m²)

Nestled in the picturesque town of Nelson, BC, Spearhead’s new facility stands as a testament to refined industrial architecture. The 14,000 sq. ft. facility embodies modern design principles while utilizing innovative construction techniques.

The backbone of Spearhead facility is its gravity system, showcasing the versatility of cross laminated timber (CLT) decking over glulam girders and purlins. Supported by a combination of CLT walls and pre-fabricated timber cassette walls, this structural framework defines the essence of the facility’s design.

A key challenge addressed during the project was establishing a refined and clean structural frame within an economical budget. This feat was achieved through the strategic use of mass timber and pre-fabricated wall assemblies, exemplifying ingenuity in design and construction.

The structural features of Spearhead Facility are further accentuated by the incorporation of Micro CLT on the inside face of pre-fabricated wall assemblies, a distinctive CLT entry canopy, and strategically positioned skylights, all contributing to the facility’s aesthetic appeal. Notably, the emphasis on speed of construction reflects the project’s efficiency, creating a modern industrial workspace that stands as a testament to thoughtful design and execution.