When it came time to design this centrally-located transit pavilion – nestled between two skyscrapers in the heart of Beijing – the client and architect asked for beautiful structure that could attract attention despite its low profile.

Project Essentials

  • LocationBeijing, China
  • ClientKang Quan Sales
  • ArchitectJames Cheng Architects
  • Size20,000 ft² (1,858 m²)

While the final detailing of the structure would ultimately be designed and implemented by local Chinese engineers, Fast + Epp was responsible for providing adequate information that the architect’s design intent was achieved.

Our structural solution featured a clean design and detailing, with exposed structure and sweeping gestures. Two curved planes of glass formed an enclosure using slender steel sections for framing, with cantilevered end walls and a curving façade.


The resulting space is dramatic and achieves its original intent; it has a noticeable presence in this busy area of Beijing.