Fast + Epp commissioned with additional service phases for the refurbishment of the Multihalle Mannheim

November 25, 2022

The Mannheim Gridshell is to this day the largest self-supporting wooden lattice shell in the world. The 80,000 sq. ft. structure was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Frei Otto in 1975 for the Federal Garden Show and was listed as a cultural monument in 1998 due to its architectural uniqueness and filigree construction.

Our team won an international competition to undertake a design review and retrofit of this historical monument and restore the timber gridshell to its original splendor. We have now been commissioned to continue to accompany the refurbishment in a leading role with the award of work phases 5-9 according to HOAI.

Now that it has been decided to renovate the hall and the necessary donations have been raised, the complex and unique structure can be refurbished. A first step in this direction has already been taken: in cooperation with the W├╝stenrot Foundation, several test areas were used to assess the practical implementation of the renovation and help identify obstacles at an early stage. With this unique approach, we were able to optimize the construction process while taking into account the experimental character of the building.

The construction site of the Multihalle Mannheim will become a showplace and can be visited as part of the 2023 Federal Horticultural Show.