Unveiling Concept Lab: An experiential learning hub dedicated to hands-on research and testing

April 4, 2022

Fast + Epp is excited to announce the launch of Concept Lab, a 5,500 sq. ft. collaborative research and workshop space in the company’s Vancouver home office. Concept Lab is an extension of an ongoing commitment to ingenuity, propelling architectural imagination and finding new ways to build.

The Lab will serve as a springboard to cutting-edge design ideas for AEC firms, academia, and innovators alike, allowing for knowledge sharing and the building of meaningful partnerships.

“We are thrilled to launch Concept Lab, a physical space that will push the boundaries of research and development and inspire fresh thinking. We hope to develop new technologies, practices, and procedures that will enable industry-wide innovation and positively impact the spaces where we live, work and play,” says Paul Fast, Founder and Partner, Fast + Epp.

Read the full press release here.