Fast + Epp Welcomes a New Hybrid Mass Timber Home Office

July 14, 2021

Fast + Epp is excited to announce the completion of our new four-storey mass timber office building in Vancouver, BC. Unique in its design, the building uses a hybrid mass timber and steel structural system, and features cross-laminated timber (CLT) floor plates, stairwells, and elevator cores.

The building makes use of new and innovative technologies, including smart glass that automatically adjusts the tint level, eliminating the need for window blinds and reducing energy consumption levels. It is also the first in North America to incorporate Tectonus devices, a shock absorbent technology that not only dissipates and dampens energy but also enables the building to snap back to its original position after an earthquake, allowing for an immediate return to occupancy.

The ground floor of the space will feature Concept Lab, a unique “living laboratory” that will allow for the development, testing, and fabrication of new prototypes. Unique to the structural engineering industry, the space is designed to promote creativity, innovation, and the testing of new ideas and technologies that will move the industry forward. Concept Lab is slated to open in the Fall of 2021.

Fast + Epp worked closely in partnership with design architects F2A, interior designers HCMA, contractor Companion Construction, mass timber installers Seagate Structures and smart glass manufacturer View.

To learn more, read the press release.