Kerri Kwong and Leanne Stinn speak at upcoming WIC Summit on empowerment

July 31, 2020

Join our Marketing Coordinator, Kerri Kwong and Project Engineer, Leanne Stinn at the upcoming webinar titled “Untapped: Accessing the Underutilized Potential of Women” as part of the Women in Construction Summit webinar series on August 5th .

Despite the differences in their roles and responsibilities, they have both recognized common issues that women often experience in the AEC industry. The growing presence of women in the industry opens up a different set of challenges and expectations, such as rigid communication styles, false representations of “empowerment”, and uncertainty in calling out the quieter forms of modern bias. In this presentation, Kerri and Leanne lean into the microscopic and macroscopic changes people can bring to both the workplace and industry – realizing the potential and value of overlooked roles and qualities that may hold you back from a fully empowered workplace.

Access the webinar recording here (access code: 55fGmv7R).