Gastown Child Care Centre complex structure construction complete

March 27, 2020

Construction of the Gastown Child Care Centre complex timber structure located in Vancouver’s Gastown has recently been completed and will be followed by roofing and landscaping of the facilities.

The architectural design behind the two childcare facilities being built on the existing Cordova St. and Water St. parkade roofs complements the surrounding Gastown area in a playful and contemporary manner.

The buildings are generally comprised of pre-fabricated timber cassettes supported on glulam post and beam frame. The childcare facilities as well as the landscaped areas will be supported on a steel transfer frame just above the existing concrete slab to direct the new load to the existing parkade columns. In general, the goal is to develop an economical pre-fabricated structural solution that will work well within the project’s constraints. A key project goal is to limit the weight of the new structures such that gravity and seismic upgrades to the existing parkades need not be completed.

The facilities target LEED Gold certification as well as Passive House Standard Certification with a focus on net zero energy and low carbon fuel sources. Construction is anticipated to finish by mid-November 2020.

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