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Métis Crossing Culture Gathering Centre Nearing Completion

December 4, 2019

Construction on the new Métis Crossing Culture Gathering Centre is nearing completion in Smoky Lake, Alberta.

The new 12,000 square foot building includes a large gathering space as well as office and classroom spaces. A 2,600 square foot deck at the south side of the building provides a scenic view of the North Saskatchewan River.

The structure incorporates the use of many different wood materials, including glue-laminated roof panels, beams, and columns. The main roof is supported by innovative wood and steel trusses – each comprising 10” x 12” solid timber chords and steel web members, combining to span approximately 47 feet. The roof geometry and structure are designed to mimic the infinity symbol, which represents Métis culture living forever, and the unity between First Nations and European cultures.

The new gathering centre will be home for the Métis Nation of Alberta for annual gatherings, as well as provide a large event space for the community of Smoky Lake.

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