Triangle Island Seabird Research Station, BC - Fast + Epp

Structural Design for Extreme Weather Conditions

November 1, 2019

Fast + Epp has been involved with the structural design of the new Triangle Island Seabird Research Station that sits remotely off the north coast of Vancouver Island.

The remote island experiences unpredictably harsh weather conditions. Researchers visit Triangle Island because of the millions of birds, puffins, and sea lions that inhabits here every year. Last week, severe winds were reported on the island, with winds being at over 40 knots (traveling at over 85 kilometers per hour) and wind gusts going at an even higher rate. Even through these heavy winds, Fast + Epp was informed that the construction crew “felt much safer in this new cabin than they would have at any coastal home”.

See photos from a recent site visit in October by our engineer, Tom Duke below.