Fast + Epp receives 2019 Wood Innovation award with Malhum Architecture

May 9, 2019

Under the leadership of Mahlum Architecture, Fast + Epp along with Walson Construction and Vaagen Timbers has received a U.S. Forest Service Wood Innovation Grant awarded to research and design multistory prototypical CLT schools to help address the classroom demand in Washington State.

“Of the 41 projects selected, 29 focus upon expanding markets for wood products and 12 seek to increase markets for wood energy. Some projects involve the design of new mass timber buildings, such as a courthouse and K‒12 schools, while others explore using mass timber in high velocity hurricane zones,” reads the U.S. Forest Service news release.

The team’s project is entitled, “Multi-Story Mass Timber K‒12 School Prototype: Meeting Washington State’s Classroom Capacity Needs with Mass Timber.”

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