Fabric-formed concrete informs Arbel art

April 17, 2019

Omer Arbel’s most recent exhibit is perhaps a case of science informing art. “Particles for the built environment” is Arbel’s latest exhibit, which consists of fabric-formed concrete from his own sculptural and home building experiments.

The show, taking place at Surrey Art Gallery, exhibits fabric-formed concrete pieces, which are a result of the decorative concrete columns engineered by Fast + Epp for Arbel’s client’s recent custom home.

The concrete pieces were cast using high-strength fabric as formwork, using a technique similar to a number of fabric-formed columns that Arbel and Fast + Epp collaborated on for this residential project. The fabric is supported in such a way that it is allowed to stretch as is it filled with concrete to create the desired undulating shape. For the art pieces, fibre reinforced concrete was used to eliminate any exposed rebar through the saw cut lines.

The exhibit runs until June 16, 2019 at the Surrey art Gallery.

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