Mannheim Gridshell featured in Bauen mit Holz Magazine

October 16, 2016

For more than 40 years the Mannheim Multihalle has been considered the world’s largest self-supporting timber gridshell structure with an organic shape. In 1998, as a result of its unique architecture, the building was deemed a cultural monument. The single laths of the roof structure are connected with bolts to form a grid that acts in compression to efficiently carry vertical loads. This concept allows for long span structures with slender cross sections. In order to preserve this important architectural monument, a working group led by Fast + Epp presented a concept for the restoration that will be funded by donations. The engineers at Fast + Epp provided insight into the planned restoration in the October 2016 issue of “Bauen mit Holz” magazine. Click here to read the article or visit the project page.