Yury Kulikov

Yury has an extensive design experience in recreational, cultural, and residential buildings. His ability to conceptualize the design in the early development stages along with a remarkable attention to detail results in structurally efficient and architecturally expressive buildings.

Yury strongly believes that structural design plays a key role in the reduction of the construction industry’s carbon emissions. He leads our sustainability initiatives, and he is currently implementing the Fast + Epp Embodied Carbon Action Plan set to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects. As Fast + Epp continues to focus on sustainable design, Yury also guides the development of our new Life Cycle Assessment services, which will help our clients to make informed sustainable design choices.

Yury actively contributes to the growing vibrancy of Fast + Epp’s office culture and looks to the natural world for engineering inspiration: he is an avid surfer and traveler.