Stephan Pasche

Stephan is an Associate Principal whose ability to provide practical and creative design expertise to our engineers allows our firm to better service our growing client base across Canada’s prairies.

Stephan has been with our firm since 1999 – his deep commitment to our design approach and company philosophy has helped build our reputation in Edmonton and beyond. He is a well-rounded engineer due to his proficiency in wood, concrete, and steel projects; it has allowed Stephan to contribute to a wide range of projects in almost all building sectors.

These projects include some of Fast + Epp’s most high-profile work, including the Arena Stage Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC, Allard Hall at MacEwan University, and the Philip Currie Dinosaur Museum. Locally in Edmonton, he has designed the Productivity and Innovation Center at NAIT, the Mosaic Centre, and Gilead Sciences Research Laboratories.

Stephan graduated with a Bachelor in Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 1999. He gained experience working at Agra Inc. before taking a permanent position at Fast + Epp later that year.