Davin Lewis

Davin supports Fast + Epp’s expansion into the US Pacific Northwest from our Seattle branch office. Joining Fast + Epp in 2012, he has shown himself a servant leader with a passion for the collaborative design approach.

By consistently pursuing design solutions that take advantage of the natural strengths of building materials and the integration of multiple disciplines, Davin has contributed to the success of many residential, educational, transportation and institutional projects.

He is skilled in mass timber, concrete, and steel structures, as well as finite element integration with building information modeling (BIM). His previous experience as a builder in the residential construction industry means Davin is quick to consider the practical aspects of design.

Davin has a particular interest in how the engineering world can contribute to local communities following major earthquake events. He has performed ATC-20/ATC-45 training for post-earthquake evaluation of buildings, and is registered as a SAP Evaluator in the Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Program under the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

Davin is a graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Civil Engineering with Distinction, which was completed in conjunction with a 2010 Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology from Camoson College in Victoria, BC.